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What is NECO's science?

NECo’s science project focuses on Cosmology and extragalactic Astrophysics, from the local universe to the first stars and galaxies. The questions that we will tackle are closely linked to the interests and questions promoted by the main international (ESA, ESO, NASA) and national (CNRS, CNES, JAXA) agencies:

How does the universe work and how has the universe evolved to its current state? and What is the Universe made of?

We want to understand the birth, evolution and ultimate destiny of the universe. This means that we have to identify the nature of the main physical mechanisms and the properties that shape the universe (fundamental forces, baryonic matter, dark matter, dark energy).

origin elements origin elements
Galaxy - AGNStefan's quintet HST

What is the role of feedback from active galactic nuclei in the formation of galaxies?

Super-massive black holes (SMBHs) reside at the very heart of most large galaxies. The masses of these SMBHs are correlated with the large-scale properties of the host galaxy. This suggests that the growth of black holes and large structures are closely linked. A common feature of most unified models of SMBH and galaxy formation is the concept of co-evolution, whereby SMBHs and their host galaxies evolve under the influence of the other. A natural explanation for the observed correlation is to invoke a self-regulating mechanism involving feedback from active galactic nuclei.

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